Honey : A precious beauty treasure!

          Nourishing, healing and antioxidant, honey has many cosmetic properties recognized for millennia. It was used as the basis of beauty care of Egyptian, Greek and ancient women. Moreover, its subtly sweet smell that puts our senses on the alert and its amber hues those warm us. Honey is a delight for our epidermis that softens the cold season.

          Indeed, honey-based body and face care protects the skin from dehydration, and have a great interest in winter when heating, polar temperatures and icy wind dry out our skin.

          Honey has an incredible number of beneficial properties for our skin. It has a strong moisturizing and nourishing power allowing the maintenance of the water in the epidermis, for a more smooth and soft skin. Honey plays the role of natural antibiotic, which is very interesting for skins with imperfections or in case of a wound infection. If we add to this its anti-inflammatory side, it is easy to understand that it constitutes a base of choice in skin issue treatments.


          It can even be used as a cleanser, instead of the usual gel. The hydrogen peroxide that it contains will have an astringent effect on your skin, and will allow it to get rid of accumulated impurities throughout the day. 

          Finally, rich in minerals, amino acids and vitamins, it has a fabulous cellular regeneration power.



          The honey coming from flowers concentrates many vitamins, mineral salts, and antioxidants. All these nutrients are then easily assimilated by the skin or by the hair fiber and thus make our epidermis and our hair stronger and more resistant in the long term.

Here an example of a mask to embellish sensitive skin:

Pur'Aloe Aloe Vera Gel 125ml

Mask moisturizing sensitive skin:

- 2 tablespoons honey

- 1 tablespoon of Pur'Aloe - Aloe Vera Gel

Mix everything and apply on your face and low cut neckline for 15 minutes, before rinsing with warm water.

This mask will help soothe your skin by decreasing areas of redness and soothing inflammation

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Makeup removal routine: a beneficial duty

The make-up removal means the end of the day and it is a mandatory step before going to bed. Here are some advices to do it correctly!

To put makeup on itself to be more beautiful, it is a real pleasure. In contrast, in the evening who has not had the laziness to remove it, ready to go to sleep face still covered with foundation and mascara? The result? Swollen eyes, skin that pulls and wrinkles that hollow out at breakneck speed. To avoid this kind of disaster, only one solution, a careful and daily makeup removal!


With Oil

      Naturally attracted by the grassy element of makeup, but also by sebum, the oil is suitable for oily skin, which can use it with eyes closed! Especially since all formulas are now emulsified with water to leave a fresh and clean skin, and preserve the eyelids of the swelling. Several versions are proposed according to the type of skin.

The right gesture: Oil works more easily with your fingers than with cotton. Do not hesitate to massage your face long. It is preferably used on dry skin. Then rinse with a cotton soaked in water or tonic. The gel oil, on the other hand, applies indifferently with dry or wet hands, and rinses with water.

With a Gel

     It is the cleaning gesture that appeals young people. In the formula: water, gelling agents, and surfactants. The texture can be very foaming, or not. The most original products come with a brush for a gentle exfoliation or are formulated with high glycerin content for a "thermo-heating" effect that cleans the pores deeply.
The right gesture: Lather up with fingertips, and then rinse with warm water to remove impurities (cold water freezes the makeup oils). Finish with an astringent tonic to tighten the pores.

With Milk & Tonic

      It is the preferred combination of women aged 40 and over, who prefer creamy textures for their dry or sensitive skin. Formulated from a light emulsion and setting agents that give it roundness, the milk solubilizes the pigments by trapping them in droplets of oil. With a good cleansing effect, it removes everything and leaves smooth skin, in a condition to choose its suitable tonic (not too alcoholic avoiding to dry the epidermis).

The right gesture: Warm a knob of milk into the palm of your hand for a few seconds and apply the product with your fingertips, in small circular movements rather than cotton. It is softer, and the lightness of hyperemia (increase in heat) caused by the massage allows a quick liquefaction of the grassy substances.

With Micellar cleansing water

      A solution in which are dispersed invisible oil micro droplets (the "micelles" that trap impurities) and mild surfactants. Ideal for women who are in a hurry because the product is simple and quick to use (it removes make-up from the face and eyes with a single gesture), and is suitable for combination and oily skin.

The right gesture: Do not hesitate to generously soak the facial cotton pad; the efficiency will be even better. On the eyes, just press. Do not rub.


Is it so serious to forget?

      Should not dramatize, to go to bed one evening without removing makeup is not the end of the world. Today, foundations are no longer oxidized. The pigments are coated and are no longer in direct contact with the skin. The most annoying part is mascara, which crumbles during the night and can cause small irritations on waking. For those who are too tired to completely remove their makeup, think at least of that.

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     To show an attractive bright uniform skin is the ultimate dream of the followers of beauty and make-up. Who does not wish to obtain a perfectly smooth and radiant skin without using Photoshop? To maximize our chances to have an impeccable skin on a daily basis, one accumulate cleaners, tonic lotions, serums and moisturizers. However, as unbelievable as it may sound, an attractive skin often ensues from a simple routine and from a quality of products, rather than a quantity.



In the morning, exchange cleaning your skin for a tonic lotion 

     If you noticed that your skin quickly becomes oily and that it is prone to the buttons, and it does not matter all your efforts to control the excess of sebum, avoid too often cleaning your face. Start by exchanging your cleaning care for a tonic lotion in the morning. Place a few drops of your lotion on a make-up removing cotton, then clean generously your face. The tonic lotion will help to remove the impurities, while leaving an extreme feeling of freshness on your skin.



Take Facial appointements regularly

   The facial is an effective treatment to regenerate the skin and prevent the damage, and it is true especially if it is done regularly. Visit more often your expert beauty to put the odds in your favor!

Apply your sunscreen occasionally 

     It is known that it goes against basic beauty rules, but it is true that the sunscreen is not always necessary. The sunscreen tends to block pores and to cause the appearance of acne. So, if you do not think having a long time outside, do not apply it in the morning. Let your skin breathe more!

Hydrate and keep yourself hydrated 


     It will never be said enough: drink a lot of water has benefits for your body and your skin. The secret of a perfect skin rests on a good hydration. Besides coming from your small jars of cream, the hydration comes from the inside, more exactly from the quantity of water that you drink in a day!



      Believe it or not, the red cheekbones which you obtain after a training session have benefits for your skin. When you move, the blood and the nutrients circulate more closer to the surface of your skin. The result: a radiant mine and younger appearance.


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The different skin types and their needs


        Each skin is unique and never reacts in the same way. Nevertheless, in order to choose a suitable skin care product, it is mandatory to determine its physiology. There are five main types of skin: normal, dry, oily, mixed and sensitive.

                  Normal skin 

        Normal skin is considered the ideal skin. It is this type of skin that we seek to get using skin care products. Neither too greasy nor too dry, normal skin is comfortable, does not shine, and does not blush at sudden changes of temperature. It is often the result of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Normal skin needs little skin cares.

                   Dry skin

         It is generally beautiful and It does not suffer from dilated pores, but it is possible that it tightens and is prone to discomfort feelings. This is because it lacks flexibility compared to normal skin. It also dulls quite easily and may show roughness and redness. Dry skin therefore needs to be nourished before being hydrated, and should not be confused with dehydrated skin. These products must nourish deeply and restore the natural radiance and softness of the skin. 

                  Oily skin

        This type of skin is characterized by dilated pores. The skin is rather dull and especially greasy and shiny. it is often assaulted by blackheads and acne. Due to an excess of sebum, the stratum corneum increases in thickness. It is important that even if this epidermis is greasy, it may lack water. This makes it a fragile skin that requires specific care. It is treated with matte products. We must, however, ignore the abrasive cosmetics and skin care that attack the skin and cause an increase in sebum. The  key word is sweetness.
                 Mixed skin
        It is a type of skin that is neither completely oily nor completely dry. It is dry in areas such as cheekbones, temples and jawbones. For its part, the zone T, which is constituted by the chin, the nose and the forehead, is greasy.
        The choice of a skin care is complicated. Nevertheless, there are products that hydrate and rebalance sebum. In all cases, astringent cleaners should be avoided. Prefer non-greasy products. Depending on the needs of your skin, you can use a more oily cream on the drier areas.

          Sensitive Skin     

        Sensitive skin reacts excessively to external aggressions: pollution, hot, cold, wind, etc. It can be associated with a dry skin, oily skin or combination skin. The Reactive Skin blushes easily, in particular at the level of the cheeks, and it could experience itching and a burning sensation. Medical drugs, stress, and also using skin care products poorly adapted may cause skin sensitivity.

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Day Cream, Night Cream: What is the difference ?

Maintaining and pampering your skin, it is essential. And as it does not have the same needs during the day and the night, there exist specific cares. Day cream and Night cream: what is the difference between this two face cares? We are here to show you more information about it.

What the cream of day? 

During the day, the skin is confronted to various external aggressions, such as pollution, the cold, the sun, or dust. Day cream will protect your skin, while hydrating it. Indeed, day cream is enriched in different protective agents according to each skin targeting: dry skins, fat skins, mixed skins, mature skins or young skins. it also attenuates irritations on your skin, without ignoring that it is a good base primer to your make-up foundation. Day cream used to be nonfat, in order not to give an aspect sticking to your skin. Therefore, before applying it, you must ensure that your skin is perfectly clean.  

What the cream of night? 

Night cream will help your skin to regenerate itself during your sleep. For that, it will nourish it and hydrate it in-depth. In contrast, the texture of day cream is thicker and richer (in water, fat and particular credits), because during the night your skin is most sensitive to the care. 

There exist various types of night cares, which correspond to three great types of skin: 

-       Repairing creams for dry skins, they relieve congestion and hydrate your skin.

-       Reconstructive creams for normal or mixed skins, they help your skin to renew its cells, harden it, alleviate it and repair it.

-       Anti-wrinkle creams for the mature skins (marked wrinkles or furrows), they smooth the features by filling the wrinkles. 

These night creams restructure, harden and nourish your skin giving to your face a smoother and bright aspect. 


Day cream and Night cream, what is it used for? 

Day cream helps to maintain a hydration of your skin the entire day, to avoid the tugging and to prevent cutaneous ageing signs. Night cream contains credits that repair and hydrate to help cellular renewal. 


Which differences between day cream and night cream? 

Day cream has a light texture and protective, while night cream is heavier and more nutritive. But the real difference is that day cream is a protection care, and night cream is a repairing care. 

Day cream could be applied also before going to the bed instead of your night cream, but the reverse is misadvised. 

Should both be used? 

Day cream and night cream are complementary. Thus, to have a soft and pretty skin in all circumstances, it seems judicious to use them both. 

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The difference you should know between the French and American cosmetic regulations!

The United States is well known for being a poorly regulated market regarding the cosmetic industry. Many companies and individuals are taking advantage of the situation and the lack of knowledge of customers to sell bad quality products. Those products wouldn't be authorized in France for health reasons.
Let's highlight some numbers:
  • In the US 89% of the ingredients used in the cosmetic industry have never been evaluated for safety by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • While more than 1,100 ingredients for cosmetics are banned in France, around 10 are banned in the US.
  • Fragrance is a term widely used on the US market whose composition hides dozens of chemicals such as acethonem, ethanol or phtalate which can be dangerous when inhaled or applied to the skin.
  • In the U.S. major loopholes in the federal law allow the cosmetics industry to put thousands of synthetic chemicals into personal care products, even if those chemicals are linked to cancer, infertility or birth defects.
  • U.S. has the 7th highest cancer rate in the world.

Quick tips: Choose wisely, read the labels, know which claims are regulated, be concerned about the preservatives used and say no to fragrance.

List of harmful ingredients:
Aluminum chlorohydrate
Dibutyl phthalate
Lead actetate:
All parabens
Toluene A

Fashions come and go but we wear our skin for life. 
It is time to join our fight for a transparent US market and a safe cosmetic industry!
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Magalie Naturals at Ultimate Women's Expo ~ September 12 - 13, 2015!

...while you relax and rejuvenate, explore a new interest, purchase a great find, connect with inspiring Keynote Speakers Nancy Grace, Nene Leakes, Judge Marilyn Milian, Melissa Gilbert, Jasmine Guy and re-ignite your inner you. Hundreds of Shopping Pavilions, perfect for unique holiday gift Ideas for every member of your family - and that all important "You". Indulge yourself with the very best Chicago has to offer in shopping, fashion, food, entertainment, cosmetics and travel. Spend a relaxing day being pampered with spa treatments, massages and retail therapy.

Take part in creating your very own natural handcrafted Lip Balm at the Chicago Women’s Expo. State-of-the-art French laboratories have been researching and identifying the best ingredients from all over the world. And now, Magalie Naturals is bringing you those ingredients and that expertise to ensure an unforgettable natural beauty experience during their Complimentary Beauty Workshops at the Expo.

Arrive early, space is limited at these super popular DIY Beauty Workshops!


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Chocolate to reduce excess body fat!

Who would have thought that chocolate could make you look skinnier?
hosts a range of potent antioxidants and vitamins that nourish your skin and target fat cells leaving it soft, supple and juvenile for long. Combined with the amazing benefits of peppermint and caffeine powder, your skin would never have been firmer!
For an amazing chocolate experience come at Magalie Naturals and make your own natural: 

 Peppermint Choco Firming Body Lotion! 

Friday July 3rd, 2015                5:30 - 7:00pm

Chocolate has the wonderful properties to boost blood supply that will help you achieve a smooth and problem free complexion. Combined with peppermint, your lotion will keep your skin nourished and toned. In the meantime, the caffeine powder will target and shrink the fat cells while the sesame oil will rejuvenate your skin improving its elasticity and make it look visibly smoother.

Switch your regular body lotion with this vibrant natural concoction!
Join us at Magalie Naturals' on Friday, July 3rd and learn how to make your own
Peppermint Choco Firming Body Lotion!

Combined with cocoa butter and peppermint floral water, enjoy the benefits of rice bran oil, sesame oil, green tea and caffeine powder and plenty more.



Our handmade beauty classes are casual, fun and BYOB and most importantly, give you the simple steps that you can use to start your healthy lifestyle the same day!

Please note that space is limited and our time slots fill quickly.

Feel free to email us if you have any question at

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