To show an attractive bright uniform skin is the ultimate dream of the followers of beauty and make-up. Who does not wish to obtain a perfectly smooth and radiant skin without using Photoshop? To maximize our chances to have an impeccable skin on a daily basis, one accumulate cleaners, tonic lotions, serums and moisturizers. However, as unbelievable as it may sound, an attractive skin often ensues from a simple routine and from a quality of products, rather than a quantity.



In the morning, exchange cleaning your skin for a tonic lotion 

     If you noticed that your skin quickly becomes oily and that it is prone to the buttons, and it does not matter all your efforts to control the excess of sebum, avoid too often cleaning your face. Start by exchanging your cleaning care for a tonic lotion in the morning. Place a few drops of your lotion on a make-up removing cotton, then clean generously your face. The tonic lotion will help to remove the impurities, while leaving an extreme feeling of freshness on your skin.



Take Facial appointements regularly

   The facial is an effective treatment to regenerate the skin and prevent the damage, and it is true especially if it is done regularly. Visit more often your expert beauty to put the odds in your favor!

Apply your sunscreen occasionally 

     It is known that it goes against basic beauty rules, but it is true that the sunscreen is not always necessary. The sunscreen tends to block pores and to cause the appearance of acne. So, if you do not think having a long time outside, do not apply it in the morning. Let your skin breathe more!

Hydrate and keep yourself hydrated 


     It will never be said enough: drink a lot of water has benefits for your body and your skin. The secret of a perfect skin rests on a good hydration. Besides coming from your small jars of cream, the hydration comes from the inside, more exactly from the quantity of water that you drink in a day!



      Believe it or not, the red cheekbones which you obtain after a training session have benefits for your skin. When you move, the blood and the nutrients circulate more closer to the surface of your skin. The result: a radiant mine and younger appearance.


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