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Day Cream, Night Cream: What is the difference ?

Maintaining and pampering your skin, it is essential. And as it does not have the same needs during the day and the night, there exist specific cares. Day cream and Night cream: what is the difference between this two face cares? We are here to show you more information about it.

What the cream of day? 

During the day, the skin is confronted to various external aggressions, such as pollution, the cold, the sun, or dust. Day cream will protect your skin, while hydrating it. Indeed, day cream is enriched in different protective agents according to each skin targeting: dry skins, fat skins, mixed skins, mature skins or young skins. it also attenuates irritations on your skin, without ignoring that it is a good base primer to your make-up foundation. Day cream used to be nonfat, in order not to give an aspect sticking to your skin. Therefore, before applying it, you must ensure that your skin is perfectly clean.  

What the cream of night? 

Night cream will help your skin to regenerate itself during your sleep. For that, it will nourish it and hydrate it in-depth. In contrast, the texture of day cream is thicker and richer (in water, fat and particular credits), because during the night your skin is most sensitive to the care. 

There exist various types of night cares, which correspond to three great types of skin: 

-       Repairing creams for dry skins, they relieve congestion and hydrate your skin.

-       Reconstructive creams for normal or mixed skins, they help your skin to renew its cells, harden it, alleviate it and repair it.

-       Anti-wrinkle creams for the mature skins (marked wrinkles or furrows), they smooth the features by filling the wrinkles. 

These night creams restructure, harden and nourish your skin giving to your face a smoother and bright aspect. 


Day cream and Night cream, what is it used for? 

Day cream helps to maintain a hydration of your skin the entire day, to avoid the tugging and to prevent cutaneous ageing signs. Night cream contains credits that repair and hydrate to help cellular renewal. 


Which differences between day cream and night cream? 

Day cream has a light texture and protective, while night cream is heavier and more nutritive. But the real difference is that day cream is a protection care, and night cream is a repairing care. 

Day cream could be applied also before going to the bed instead of your night cream, but the reverse is misadvised. 

Should both be used? 

Day cream and night cream are complementary. Thus, to have a soft and pretty skin in all circumstances, it seems judicious to use them both. 

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