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Makeup removal routine: a beneficial duty

The make-up removal means the end of the day and it is a mandatory step before going to bed. Here are some advices to do it correctly!

To put makeup on itself to be more beautiful, it is a real pleasure. In contrast, in the evening who has not had the laziness to remove it, ready to go to sleep face still covered with foundation and mascara? The result? Swollen eyes, skin that pulls and wrinkles that hollow out at breakneck speed. To avoid this kind of disaster, only one solution, a careful and daily makeup removal!


With Oil

      Naturally attracted by the grassy element of makeup, but also by sebum, the oil is suitable for oily skin, which can use it with eyes closed! Especially since all formulas are now emulsified with water to leave a fresh and clean skin, and preserve the eyelids of the swelling. Several versions are proposed according to the type of skin.

The right gesture: Oil works more easily with your fingers than with cotton. Do not hesitate to massage your face long. It is preferably used on dry skin. Then rinse with a cotton soaked in water or tonic. The gel oil, on the other hand, applies indifferently with dry or wet hands, and rinses with water.

With a Gel

     It is the cleaning gesture that appeals young people. In the formula: water, gelling agents, and surfactants. The texture can be very foaming, or not. The most original products come with a brush for a gentle exfoliation or are formulated with high glycerin content for a "thermo-heating" effect that cleans the pores deeply.
The right gesture: Lather up with fingertips, and then rinse with warm water to remove impurities (cold water freezes the makeup oils). Finish with an astringent tonic to tighten the pores.

With Milk & Tonic

      It is the preferred combination of women aged 40 and over, who prefer creamy textures for their dry or sensitive skin. Formulated from a light emulsion and setting agents that give it roundness, the milk solubilizes the pigments by trapping them in droplets of oil. With a good cleansing effect, it removes everything and leaves smooth skin, in a condition to choose its suitable tonic (not too alcoholic avoiding to dry the epidermis).

The right gesture: Warm a knob of milk into the palm of your hand for a few seconds and apply the product with your fingertips, in small circular movements rather than cotton. It is softer, and the lightness of hyperemia (increase in heat) caused by the massage allows a quick liquefaction of the grassy substances.

With Micellar cleansing water

      A solution in which are dispersed invisible oil micro droplets (the "micelles" that trap impurities) and mild surfactants. Ideal for women who are in a hurry because the product is simple and quick to use (it removes make-up from the face and eyes with a single gesture), and is suitable for combination and oily skin.

The right gesture: Do not hesitate to generously soak the facial cotton pad; the efficiency will be even better. On the eyes, just press. Do not rub.


Is it so serious to forget?

      Should not dramatize, to go to bed one evening without removing makeup is not the end of the world. Today, foundations are no longer oxidized. The pigments are coated and are no longer in direct contact with the skin. The most annoying part is mascara, which crumbles during the night and can cause small irritations on waking. For those who are too tired to completely remove their makeup, think at least of that.

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