The different skin types and their needs


        Each skin is unique and never reacts in the same way. Nevertheless, in order to choose a suitable skin care product, it is mandatory to determine its physiology. There are five main types of skin: normal, dry, oily, mixed and sensitive.

                  Normal skin 

        Normal skin is considered the ideal skin. It is this type of skin that we seek to get using skin care products. Neither too greasy nor too dry, normal skin is comfortable, does not shine, and does not blush at sudden changes of temperature. It is often the result of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Normal skin needs little skin cares.

                   Dry skin

         It is generally beautiful and It does not suffer from dilated pores, but it is possible that it tightens and is prone to discomfort feelings. This is because it lacks flexibility compared to normal skin. It also dulls quite easily and may show roughness and redness. Dry skin therefore needs to be nourished before being hydrated, and should not be confused with dehydrated skin. These products must nourish deeply and restore the natural radiance and softness of the skin. 

                  Oily skin

        This type of skin is characterized by dilated pores. The skin is rather dull and especially greasy and shiny. it is often assaulted by blackheads and acne. Due to an excess of sebum, the stratum corneum increases in thickness. It is important that even if this epidermis is greasy, it may lack water. This makes it a fragile skin that requires specific care. It is treated with matte products. We must, however, ignore the abrasive cosmetics and skin care that attack the skin and cause an increase in sebum. The  key word is sweetness.
                 Mixed skin
        It is a type of skin that is neither completely oily nor completely dry. It is dry in areas such as cheekbones, temples and jawbones. For its part, the zone T, which is constituted by the chin, the nose and the forehead, is greasy.
        The choice of a skin care is complicated. Nevertheless, there are products that hydrate and rebalance sebum. In all cases, astringent cleaners should be avoided. Prefer non-greasy products. Depending on the needs of your skin, you can use a more oily cream on the drier areas.

          Sensitive Skin     

        Sensitive skin reacts excessively to external aggressions: pollution, hot, cold, wind, etc. It can be associated with a dry skin, oily skin or combination skin. The Reactive Skin blushes easily, in particular at the level of the cheeks, and it could experience itching and a burning sensation. Medical drugs, stress, and also using skin care products poorly adapted may cause skin sensitivity.

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