Magalie Naturals brings you the best "Made in France" Natural & Organic products!

Born and raised in France, and with over 16 years of experience in the handmade organic and natural cosmetics industry, in 2012 Magalie founded Magalie Naturals, an innovative and successful concept that has quickly been adopted by women from all over the United States.

Magalie Naturals heralds a turning point in the US cosmetic industry. Indeed, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has no authority to require pre-market safety assessments, so today 89% of ingredients in the cosmetics industry are not evaluated for safety. While ingredients banned in cosmetics in France number over 1,000, less than ten are prohibited in the U.S. A strong advocate for transparency and wellbeing, Magalie Naturals imports their methods, processes, and work ethic from France, bringing the best of French know-how and providing its loyal clientele access to pure, water-free, and chemical- free skin and hair care products.

Magalie’s passion for and knowledge of natural handmade cosmetics has led to wide recognition and rave reviews. She started out teaching men and women how to craft their own skin and hair care products using all natural ingredients. With growing popularity and increasing customer demand, Magalie Naturals has expanded to share her amazing products around the world especially within the US, by making them available online. 

Magalie Naturals has also become a reference for many French brands willing to conquer the US market. With all their knowledge and exigence, Magalie Naturals selected for you the best skin, body and hair care products produced in France. Every products being certified Ecocert and respecting the strong French quality and safety requirements.

Magalie Naturals offers a wide range of "Made in France" products that have been wisely selected within 200 manufacturers and imported to give you the best of the Natural and Organic French experience!