Pur'Aloe Gel (contains 98% organic Aloe Vera)

Magalie Naturals

The flesh of the Aloe Vera plant is extracted by hand from the plant's leaves and left unheated to preserve the original living properties of the plan.  All Aloe Vera plants are organic and meet the Fair Trade standards set by Bioagricoop.


  • Intensely regenerates skin's cells
  • Fight aging
  • Tightens and hydrates skin instantly
  • Astringent effect
  • Heals chronic psoriasis, acne, and eczema
  • Lighten blemishes
  • Promotes healthy hair growth and conditions the hair when applied overnight on wet hair

The gel is not greasy, penetrates immediately, and leaves no trace.


Can be use for hair, hand, foot, body, and face before your day and night cream.


ACTIVE INGREDIENT : 98% fresh organic aloe vera

99.3% of all the ingredients are of natural origin

98% of all the ingredients are organically grown.

Net Weight 4.22 fl. oz


Net Weight 8.45 fl. oz

Green and organic cosmetics certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Ecocert standard available on http://cosmetiques.com

The product will keep better in the bottom of your refrigerator.
This product may turn brown naturally, but this does not affect its quality.

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