Pur'Aloé Face Cream

Magalie Naturals

The flesh of the Aloe Vera plant is extracted by hand from the plant's leaves and left unheated to preserve the original living properties of the plan. All Aloe Vera plants are organic and meet the Fair Trade standards set by Bioagricoop.


This fluid moisturizing cream penetrates the skin instantaneously. Apply a small amount of Pur'Aloé cream both in the morning and the evening on the face and neck. Skin will be more supple and soft, better protected, and look more toned and youthful.


  • Intensely regenerates skin's cells
  • Fight aging
  • Skin moisturizing
  • Heals chronic psoriasis, acne, and eczema
  • Lighten blemishes

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 30% organic Fair Trade native* aloe vera**, beeswax, organic sweet almond** oil and organic sunflower** oil, vitamin E.

99.13% of all the ingredients are natural.
39.59% of all the ingredients are organically grown.

Net Weight 1.69 fl. oz

*pulp extracted from fresh leaves which have not been heated.
**organically grown ingredients.  

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