Pur'Aloe Exfoliating Gel (contains 81% organic Aloe Vera)

Magalie Naturals

The flesh of the Aloe Vera plant is extracted by hand from the plant's leaves and left unheated to preserve the original living properties of the plan.  All Aloe Vera plants are organic and meet the Fair Trade standards set by Bioagricoop.


Everyday pollution clogs the pores, which causes blackheads and acne. Aloe vera cleanses and heals your skin perfectly.

Pur'Aloe exfoliating gel eliminates gently the excess of sebum, dirt and dead cells helping to unclog the pores. The skin is purified, its texture refined and smoothed with a radiant complexion. The combination of aloe vera and shea butter moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

USE: Wet your face beforehand with lukewarm water to dilate the pores. Delicately massage a small amount of gel onto your skin to make it foam. Rinse off with water. Avoid the area around your eyes. 

ACTIVE PRODUCTS: 81% native* organic aloe vera**, olive kernel powder and peach extract. No water added - Only active ingredients! 

100% of all the ingredients are from natural origins.

82.5% of all the ingredients are organically grown.

Net Weight 5.07 fl. oz.

*pulp extracted from fresh leaves which have not been heated.
**organically grown ingredients.  

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