Pur'Aloe Treatment Shampoo (contains 70% of organic aloe vera)

Magalie Naturals

The flesh of the Aloe Vera plant is extracted by hand from the plant's leaves and left unheated to preserve the original living properties of the plan. All Aloe Vera plants are organic and meet the Fair Trade standards set by Bioagricoop.


Pur'Aloe shampoo balances scalp pH. It has antiseptic and anti-dandruff properties and contributes to the regeneration of the skalp and hydrates hair fiber.
The amaranth proteins coat the hair protecting and rebuilding its layers.

Promotes healthy hair growth and conditions the hair. Suitable for all hair types.

USE: Spread a small amount of product on your hair, add water, massage and rinse with water.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 70% organic Fair Trade native fresh* Aloe Vera**, amaranth proteins. 

  • Sulfate free
  • No water added - Only active ingredients

99.1% of all the ingredients are from natural origins. 
70% of all the ingredients are organically grown.

Net Weight 8.4 fl. oz

*pulp extracted from fresh leaves which have not been heated.
**organically grown ingredients.  

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